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Financial Services

Financial services alleviate the worry of day to day management of accounts, bills, and other asset management.

Our fiduciaries are certified to help people with financial assets, big and small:

  • Create a financial plan for new and changing life circumstances
  • Make sure all the bills get paid while traveling or otherwise unable
  • Gather legal and financial information for taxes, and end of life documents
  • Coordinate between other financial, legal, banking, and tax professionals

Fill out the form with your name, email, and phone number and Erin Bonner, our professional fiduciary, will contact you to put together a customized plan of action for you.

During the financial review, Sapphire Resources will:

  1. Identify a plan so you can stop stressing about bills and start enjoying life
  2. Determine your priorities so you can make the smartest financial choices

Want a consultation with a professional fiduciary?

This is a free consultation. Please have your financial documents readily available and set aside time to discuss your needs.

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Erin Bonner, NCG #13725

Professional Fiduciary

Erin has a great compassion and understanding for clientele that need help with the next phase of their lives. I'll keep recommending her because my clients give me great feedback about her services.

Erin Bonner at Sapphire Resources is my go-to referral for my clients. She provides a concierge level of care and service and treats my clients with the respect they deserve.

Financial Services We Offer


Our nationally certified fiduciaries can serve as your Power of Attorney, Trustee, or Personal Representative.

Wills & Estates

We can refer you to the right attorney to complete your end-of-life documents, and we’ll ensure your instructions are executed wholly and correctly after your passing.

Tax Information

Gather and organize all of your income and expenses for your professionals’ easy tax preparation

Coordinate With Professionals

We work on your behalf with accountants, insurance agents, financial planners, and attorneys.

Monitor Cashflow

Need to balance a budget and adhere to it? We can reconcile your checks and bank statements to guard your assets and prevent threats such as fraud or overspending.

Paying Bills

Don’t worry about bills being taken care of while you’re traveling – we’ll make sure everything gets paid.

Processing Mail

Never fall behind on important bills, utilities, or insurance payments again.

Charitable Contributions

We’re passionate about nonprofits. If you’d like to leave a portion of your estate to a non-profit, we can inform your choice and ensure your wishes are honored.

Why work with a professional fiduciary?

Highest Professional Standards in the Industry

Fiduciaries are held to the highest standards that legally require them to act in their clients’ best financial interests.

Financial Experience, Know-how, and Acumen

Erin Bonner has the financial skillset you need, with a multi-decade track record of managing budgets as low as $18,000 and as high as $55 million.

Keep the peace without stressing out family

Having a relative manage money can put a lot of stress on the family, possibly causing bitterness, resentment, disagreements and fights. Keep the peace with a neutral third party.

We want to make sure your mail gets opened, your bills get paid so you don’t have to deal with lapses in insurance coverage or utilities getting shut off, that your money is invested in ways that you’re comfortable with that support your financial goals, and you know and agree with what’s done.

You get total control over how much or how little we take care of for you.

Our guarantee for all clients:

We will always act in the best interest of the client.

Our professional fiduciaries are certified and bondable. They are legally required to make financial decisions that benefit the client and won’t cause conflicts of interest. 

Sapphire Resources is one of the most highly recommended fiduciaries in Eugene because of Erin Bonner’s compassionate and thorough approach to working with her clientele.

Her clients and referral partners refer to her as “the perfect combination of straightforward and sympathetic.”

Get a comprehensive financial assessment for your unique situation.

Everyone’s situation is unique – I want to make sure we’re crafting a plan that will suit your financial needs exactly. That’s why I ask for some of your time to have a consultation before we start working together.

I’ll ask you all kinds of questions to figure out exactly where you are. Then we’ll determine your goals and where you want to go!

Here are just a few things to consider when making a financial plan:


Do you do your own banking?
Can you write your own checks?
Do you balance your checkbook every month?
Do you use automatic or manual payments?
How long does monthly bill paying take to complete?

Financial Pros

Do you work with any financial professionals – CPAs, financial planners, bankers, or investment advisers? Are you happy with them?
How often do you meet?
What are the fees you’re paying?
How long does it take to coordinate between all your financial professionals?


Do you make charitable contributions?
Which organizations are you interested in supporting?
Are you happy with who you’re contributing to?
Do you want to add or reduce your donations?
Is your funding source stable?

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Who is your attorney and are you happy with them?
Do you have end of life documents in place?
When’s the last time they were updated?
Do you want to make any changes?
Where are your documents physically?
Do you have a personal representative or power of attorney?

Coordinating between accountants, financial planners, investment advisors, attorneys, and banks can be time consuming and exhausting. Would you rather spend the day enjoying time with your children and grandchildren or paying bills and doing paperwork?

Many seniors are retired and enjoying the benefits of their hard work. If you’re traveling for weeks or months at a time, you don’t need the stress and hassle of trying to make sure paperwork back at home is still getting managed.

Those very personal scenarios are exactly what I’m trained to help you plan for and manage.

Schedule a time for a financial consultation and lets make a plan together. I can come visit you face to face at your home or have a Zoom meeting or a phone call instead.

Certification Information