Sapphire Resources

Meet Erin Bonner, NGC

Owner of Sapphire Resources
Sapphire Resources is certified and bondable. Erin Bonner is a Nationally Certified Guardian with the National Guardianship Association.
Erin Bonner

Sapphire Resources helps individuals and their families through financial management from start to finish.

Erin Bonner started Sapphire Resources in 2017 to help individuals and their families through the difficulties of transitioning between life stages. Those that have worked with her over the years call her “the swiss army knife of services” because she always has the right tool for the job.

“I want people to know they’re valued. I want to be able to help them along a process that is challenging.”

Sapphire Resources’ financial services come with a concierge level of care. Whatever is needed, Erin and her team makes it happen.

Whether that’s planning what to keep when downsizing or putting the checks in the mail to make sure the bills get paid, Erin is there to help.

“Erin has a great compassion and understanding for clientele that need help with the next phase of their lives. I keep recommending her because my clients give me great feedback about her services. I’ve worked with her a lot now and find her to be a very trusted helping source for people.”

Erin has an impressive history of doing excellent work managing financial assets.

  • She spent 30 years as a Chief Operations Officer handling budgets as high as $55 million 
  • Oversaw non-profit staff managing 80 payee accounts for Medicaid benefits 
  • Received financial management ratings in the excellent range from all audits of her work 
  • Directly responsible for fundraising millions of dollars for charitable organizations 
  • Acted as the payee for her father with dementia while he was receiving railroad retirement benefits 
  • And Erin Bonner, owner of Sapphire Resources, is extremely well connected. 

“I’m a native Eugenian, and that gives me a huge advantage,” Erin says. If she isn’t able to help, she knows the best fit to get the job done. “I just want to make people’s lives easier.”

Many seniors turn to their family to handle decisions about their estate and their finances. But many family members don’t have the financial skill set, or live far away, and it can cause a lot of tension and possibly contrition.

“I’ve found that many of my clients don’t know what questions to even ask – they’re frequently confused about what needs to happen.” Most people Erin works with are perfectly capable of making their own decisions, they just need help with the mechanics and the logistics of it all.

Erin has a long career of interacting with lawyers, insurance agents, CPAs, accountants, financial advisors, and plenty of other financial professionals. Juggling all of those starts to take up more and more time as people age, and can be even more difficult when someone has passed away.

Erin Bonner has the incredible ability to walk people through how to get from where they are to where they want to be. She’s the perfect combination of empathetic and effective.

How can Sapphire Resources help?

Betty Lou Duncan

Erin Bonner is one of the only estate sale providers that I’ve worked with in 20 years of business that has the knowledge of the value of so many different items, whether that’s antiques, or specialty items like sports memorabilia. If she doesn’t already know she takes the time to find the true value. In the last 3 or 4 years I’ve used Erin a minimum of 20 times. She provides a concierge level of care and service and treats my clients with the respect they deserve.

Audra Stewart

My mom died unexpectedly and I was left with a house full of stuff packed with memories. I didn’t know where to start. Sapphire Resources was the perfect combination of straightforward and sympathetic. They had a team to do everything including packing and moving my keepsakes and had the house ready for sale in no time at all. I call them the make-it-happen team.

Norma Comrada

Sapphire Resources handled some fairly complicated packing jobs and much more when I moved to a new location. It was a relief to have so much taken care of so well, and my family are most appreciative, too.

Sharon Hull

Erin really took care of us from the very start, she was very helpful. Once she got involved she took care of everything and managed the whole thing so we didn’t have to worry about anything.